05 Nov 2019

When starting a new fitness regime it can be both dangerous and unhealthy to go from nought to one hundred if your body is not ready to do it. The body needs to acclimatise, to be prepared, to ensure it can cope with the demands you are about to put upon it. A person who has been inactive for weeks months or even years should start slowly, building up to give the body the chance to strengthen slowly and safely.

This is not to say do not push yourself on your first session, but push yourself to fit with your programme, not somebody else’s. Ignore the ‘fitness success’ so prevalent in todays world, this will make you strong before you even start.

Any person can be fit, the title ‘fit’ should not hang on how hard and fast a person can workout, sprint, bend, lift weights. Fitness is different for each and every one of us. Being fit is about being active feeling great and lasting results. The person who can move at the speed of light is just as fit as the person who loves a brisk walk through the woods – they are simply different fitnesses. Do not get hung up on the word ‘fit’

Keep things safe, never compare yourself to your friends colleagues or others, the trick is to do what is right for you, keep it functional for you and your daily life and work to only your agenda. It is not healthy either physically or mentally to feel frustrated trying to outdo others with fitness activities really not appropriate for your body. By all means let your friends colleagues be the motivation to make you push yourself that bit harder, enjoy feeling and seeing the progression but definitely keep it all in perspective.

Being fit is about being injury free, being active every day and so importantly feeling and looking great on it 365 days a year, every year, that’s what I call fit!