Features which should be Added to your Webhotel

Features which should be Added to your Webhotel

A Webhotel should strike a balance between utility and design. If you want visitors to remain on your website and book in your hotel, see the following aspects that should belong on your Webhotel. 

Responsive design

Since visitors are now using all types of devices to search for hotels, it’s imperative that Webhotel should practice responsive design. This technique shifts the website into the best format depending on the device the visitor is using. Thus, responsive design is important for a user-friendly experience. Check out https://webhotel-guiden.dk/billigt-webhotel-sadan-vaelger-du-det-rigtige/ To know how this design looks. 

Aesthetic pictures

Visitors want to know what your price is worth. Display lots of beautiful pictures of your hotel. This will be your long-term investment so don’t be hesitant in redoing your hotel photography. Some of the hotel spots which you shouldn’t miss under any circumstances are meetings, lobby, front exterior, spa, swimming pool, facilities, dining area, rooms, and events. 


If you have showcased high-quality pictures, they might slow down the speed of your Webhotel. Your website should load within a few seconds. In order to boost speed, reduce page redirects and plugins. Videos slow the speed too so post it on other platforms. Moreover, the pictures should be compressed to ideal sizes. Fast speed is required for gaining customers and maximizing SEO too. 

Booking engine

Webhotel exists for creating direct bookings. Your booking engine should be integrated, secure, and PCI-compliant. It should be connected to the hotel’s property management system. While visitors can surf through your website, the “Book Now” button should be ideally present on top or bottom. 


Hotel branding revolves around persuading the visitors that your hotel is trustworthy. Keep your tone of voice minimal and resonating. Your website URL should be to the point. 

Social evidence

When other loyal customers vouch for you, other potential customers will trust them. Almost all visitors read reviews of hotels. Add worthy testimonials on your Webhotel.