27 Jul 2019

Sleep is essential with a capital E.

Our bodies, and minds need sleep as much as they need movement, fresh air, healthy nourishing food (it needn’t be complicated, just good old fashioned fresh food), water and laughter.

Sleep replenishes and repairs the body.

Lack of sleep is linked to weight problems.  If you’re trying to lose weight, regular good nights’ sleep is essential – aim for 7 hours each night as often as you can.  Studies show that a lack of sleep causes lower levels of ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates appetite, and reduced levels of leptin,  the hormone that suppresses appetite.

Lack of sleep will interfere with performance, both physically and mentally.   The body and mind cannot perform properly without regular sleep.   Poor sleep is also linked to higher chances of low mood and depression.

Without enough sleep, the immune system cannot do its proper job.

Lavender oil is fabulous for rest, relaxation and sleep – it has been used for many years and is a very simple idea to put into place.  In the winter, I put drops on my radiators,  the smell emanates all over the house not only does it smell delicious it helps relax and calm.  I put a few drops on my duvet and pillow too, even the bedroom carpet and also a few drops in a bath is wonderful too.

Stimulants such as alcohol and caffeine will interfere greatly with the mind and body when it comes to sleep.  Menopause is well known for causing problems with sleep also and definitely address the sugar, and alcohol you may be consuming too!  Whether going through the menopause, dealing with difficult times, husbands/partners snoring or young children breaking your sleep, the fuel you fill your body with will play the biggest factor helping with relaxation and directly sleep (not necessarily always unbroken but sleep nonetheless).

You cannot expect your body to function happily and properly if you’re not fuelling it healthily.  Put diesel in a petrol car and it will break down, this example is exactly the same when it comes to the human body obviously not with diesel and petrol but with food and water!

If you are going through a period of broken sleep,  look at what you’re eating and drinking, almost definitely you will see where you could make a few healthy changes.   Make sure you rest when you can through your day, and or evening, even if it’s for a quick 5 minute ‘stop and breathe’ moment.   Stressful times interfere hugely with sleep too, during these times make the time for that quick ‘stop and breathe’ moment, a moment is far better than no  moment, every little bit helps.  Only ‘you’ can put this into action, no one else.   The body does not understand excuses, so throw them aside and just do it.

Sometimes something has to give, don’t overdo things or try to fit too much in as this stresses the body too much too.   If you’re tired, stressed and feeling frazzled then say ‘no’ sometimes, the ‘yes yes people’ are often burnt out behind closed doors, trying to please everyone all of the time by saying yes when they really feel like saying no, this is very destructive to you and your body.   People will understand if you sometimes say no and if they don’t, if it’s a friend then they’re not worth the friendship and if it’s family then work out a plan that will give you the time for them, but also importantly time for you too – remember, it is only you who can make it happen.

And last but by no means least, hang out with radiators, and not drains!  Radiators radiate fun and happiness they will help you feel lifted which will go on to do good things in your body,  whereas drains will drain the energy and health from it.

Note – we can all be a bit of a drain sometimes and that’s fine, humans sometimes need a let off and a drain moment and that’s what good friends are for however, constant drains who make you feel bad and uncomfortable more than they make you feel good and happy are not good to hang out with. 

I understand it is not always possible to take the time to get a night of luxurious sleep but you can help yourself with a few ideas (mentioned above)  and it is only you who can put them in to action.

Be kind to yourself…