31 Dec 2017

If you want to lose weight, feel good and look good, the only way you will do it is by accepting you need to make changes in what you eat and what you drink, there is no other cure. If you are heading towards menopause or in the thick of it, this is even more important. Life is too precious to feel ill and unhappy if it’s simply down to what you’re fuelling your body with.

Forget comparing, you are YOU, be proud of it

Hang out with radiators, and not drains. Radiators radiate happiness and fun, drains will drain you.

Keep life as uncomplicated as possible, the simplest things in life have the biggest positive impact on us.

Keep moving and mix with rest and recovery too – all are as important as each other.

Go outside to breathe in the air, disconnect from technology and connect with the natural world.

Worry only about the things worth worrying about. Do this by reminding yourself just how lucky you are in comparison to others far less fortunate.

A very happy and safe New Year.