As we come to the end of another school year of Nixercise, I wanted to say a big thanks.

I came to my first Nixercise class in April 2015 – an Easter freebie with Penny W, her kids and my kids. This came just after a girls’ ski trip, when Penny told me on the plane home as I nobly tucked into a Nakd bar, that ‘Nix doesn’t eat anything with an ingredients label’. I just simply couldn’t compute that.

I’ve always slotted aerobics classes into my week, from step aerobics at my university sports centre in the 90s to boxercise in my 30s, so I thought of my base level of fitness as OK, so-so, fair to middling. My mantra was always ‘The whole reason I go to aerobics is so I can eat chocolate and cakes’. But my first proper Bodyweight class one sunny Monday morning on Wittenham Clumps killed me. I felt sick, slow, red-faced and sluggish. The only way I could make it every Monday was to switch on my automatic pilot and not think about where I was going. Before I knew it, I started enjoying the classes. As of Easter, I am a 20:25 convert too.

Since then, your not-forced-down-my-throat advice has got into my bones – the recipes on the Facebook page, the deliciously Ella recommendations, the ‘ditch the sugar’ blog post that you sensibly repost every now and again – I needed to read it a few times before considering having a go. Your non-judgemental approach is lovely. I use coconut oil and make my own granola, real nutella and energy bites. I’ve gone from the woman who spent a decade with a bar of Green & Black’s 85 % dark chocolate in her handbag and desk drawer (all of my friends can vouch for this) and a love for baking and eating cakes, to someone who ditched processed sugar in May and has dropped a dress size in two months. I’m the weight I was in my early 20s and my skin (never one of my strong points) has improved . My taste buds have woken up: now that fruit is the sweetest thing I eat, cherries, strawberries and watermelon taste amazing. I’m enjoying savoury food so much more too.

I still need a nap some Monday lunchtimes after Nixercise but now I just listen to my body, have a nap and don’t feel guilty.

Thank you so much, Nix. I honestly couldn’t have done it without meeting you.
J – BodyWeight and 20:25

I have never been an exercise lover but thought that joining Nixercise would help me meet more people as I was new to the area. It has turned out so much better than I thought - Nix is truly inspirational. She motivates me to work harder thus helping me tone up and get fit.  She encourages healthy eating which has made me drop a dress size. And, she has made me appreciate the wonders of being outside in the fresh air (although I am still not good with the mud)!  I have also met great people - it is so much more fun exercising in a group.
Emma – BodyWeight and 20:25

Your fantastic training sessions over the past 6 months have helped me prepare for my half and now full marathon. I ran the whole way in Dublin today in 3:36:47 so thanks again.  
Dale – 20:25 and BodyWeight

After spending years in stuffy gyms, to be exercising outside is wonderful and with Nix's encouragement, enthusiasm, passion and sense of fun, I feel fitter and healthier than ever. Since breaking my leg two years ago, Nix has got me right back on track.
Nadine – PT client

I hit the big four-oh and realised that the only person who could get me fit was me. I had never been to a gym or done sport routinely but I became aware of Nixercise through a friend and was attracted to the idea of exercising outdoors.  The New Beginning class has been holistic, affecting my physical and mental health equally. I have begun to question what I eat, cooking from scratch so I know what is going in to my body. I am gaining in fitness and strength and can really see and feel the difference. But best of all is the buzz I get from exercising outdoors with stunning views and with a group of lovely people - not to mention the endlessly positive and encouraging Nix.
Catherine – PowerWalk

Just had to tell you what for me is a great Nixercise side effect... I love GAP jeans but refused to buy any once my continental sizing entered the 30's... on Saturday I bought a size 10 equivalent and boy they look good. Thanks Nix.
Emma – BodyWeight

Spending most of my adult life worrying about my size and appearance, I now care mostly about my health and nutrition. I don’t strive to be that size 0 anymore. Suffering from an autoimmune disease, doing Nixercise once or twice a week not only keeps me healthy, it makes my happiness levels soar.
Kim – PT and PowerWalk

My fitness level has improved beyond anything I could ever imagine. I knew that when I was younger I was fairly fit, but just knowing that heading towards forty, you can get back to where you were is great. 
Philippa – PT Client

CoreBall targets muscles with such precision that you can just feel that core strengthening and tightening... 20/25 gets you all hot and puffy with some great boxing thrown in, followed by the most amazing stretches; just fab for de stressing. The music is fab, you get results, have fun and a great night’s sleep too.
Siobhan – 20:25 and CoreBall

I always thought healthy eating was fussy and difficult, the reality is it is about reeducating yourself and changing your shopping habits. My posture is so much better and my skin more radiant.
Elaine - PowerWalk

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